SKY RIDERS is the first book in the Crux Ansata series by Fae Sutherland. I was very intrigued by the premise of this book. It’s about space cowboys. Yup, that’s right. And if you’re thinking that something like this wouldn’t be for you, I highly recommend reconsidering. Sutherland does a fantastic job of integrating both the sci-fi feel of the genre while staying true to the cowboys roots. However, I don’t feel like one element overpowers the other. It’s such a great balance and I found myself devouring this book in a single sitting.

Captain Torin requires someone to pilot his ship. No one else seems to fit the job except for Rain. As they are both thrown together unexpectedly, they seem to butt heads a bit at first. However, there is no denying the underlying sexual tension that seems to lace their words whenever they communicate.

Rain is the more care-free do-gooder type in the relationship while Torin is the more hard-hitting, aggressive man in the couple, but together, they are perfect. I loved Sutherland’s humor and how she was able to lace every page with something that made me smile. Rain suited Torin so well and I think in a way, he was a sucker punch for Torin. The Captain just couldn’t anticipate the kind of impact Rain has made on his life.

With a great amount of action and suspense with stunningly hilarious remarks and sizzling hot sex, SKY RIDERS is definitely a new series that I will be following!

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