SIMPLE PERFECTION is a delightful read that is perfect for a refresher – it’s light but still potent. ~ Under the Covers

In the concluding installment to the Perfection series, Glines returns to Rosemary Beach with Della and the dirty talking, Woods. Readers who enjoy a quick and easy read will find this book especially appealing, though I would say it’s better to read this series in order. It’s a duology so it shouldn’t be too difficult to catch up.

Della’s past is explored more in this novel. It’s dark and saddening which further makes me admire her character. If you’ve read the previous book in the series, then you’re familiar with Woods’ father. Events transpire and it is the start of a nosedive fall for the characters. The last 20% of the book was a serious eyeopener. Glines takes no prisoners here and plunges deeper and darker before. I wasn’t expecting that, but I will say that it made the book worthwhile to read. I am looking forward to what Glines has in store next, especially for Grant’s character.

In terms of the romance, Della and Woods have it good. It’s nice to see a man who is so unabashed about his love for his girl. It just makes Woods that much more appealing. As you can expect, there are a ton of steamy scenes interspersed in this novel, making it possibly one of the hotter ones she has ever written. Though Della and Woods are madly in love, it doesn’t mean that everything is going on well. In fact, Woods crazy ex-fiancé is burr in everyone’s side. She is a constant threat to their love and this will test them like never before.

SIMPLE PERFECTION is a delightful read that is perfect for a refresher – it’s light but still potent. Though dark at times, I think Glines nicely balances the good and the bad, making for an easy read.


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  1. I have book one of this series but need to get this book before I read, from the reviews I have seen I am excited to read.

  2. Nicely written review! I also love how sweet Woods is to Della. They also have a hot dynamic. Abbi Glines is a gem in the NA genre, IMO.

  3. So far I have read the first two books for Blaire and Rush story,from the first book when we met Woods,I really like him,it was interesting character and I wanted to read his story,but when I saw that it will be another book for his story,I decided to wait the second book to read both books,but some other books come out and these books are all time in the back of my mind,so I must to read them very soon 😀

    I’m glad that you like it this book Annie 🙂

    Thanks for the great review 🙂