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This is the second book from the Series The Seven Sins by Emily Colins, and I heartily enjoyed it! I had enjoyed the first book but at times it had felt slow, whereas this second book has none of that!

This series starts as a strictly dystopian type of world, with a post apocalyptic world similar to ours, and with Divergent vibes for me at times, but by the end of book one and well into the second book we start having a lot more of fantasy, which I absolutely loved!

Two chapters in and the story takes off a million miles an hour. Picking up right where we left off on the previous book, we find Ari & Eva with the Brotherhood, hunted by their previous brethren and running away from all they’ve known. Eva is carrying a secret she is desperately trying to hide from Ari, something she learned about herself during her imprisonment with the Executor.

I don´t know about you, but sometimes when I´m reading it´s similar to being underwater: you are so engaged with a story that it suddently feels like you´re coming out for air when you stop reading. That’s how gripping I felt book two started off and fortunately it continued that way for me. I enjoyed this book much more than the first one, and it was really entertaining throughout. Just like the first book, we pivot between each of our main characters and it’s perfectly done giving us much more insight into their thoughts and insecurities.

In terms of the romance between our main characters, there is much more angst between them, with difficulties to overcome that make you ache with longing. Even though it started a bit as insta love for me, this book really brought to home the relationship between them and the loving and comradership they have. It’s a struggle for them to find common ground, and it’s nerve racking for us as we wait to see what will happen. I absolutely loved it. Ari really broke my heart at times, and I felt his pain and anguish so much. I really really enjoyed his chapters.

It´s a quick read and highly entertaining. If you like dystopian-esque worlds, romance, some fantasy, this is a good series, especially this second book. Just remember that this series is not finished yet, therefore you may be left itching to hear how the story continues on the next book!

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