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“So overall SHATTER ME was a quick and enjoyable read to pass the time.” ~ Under the Covers

Let me start this review by saying I’ve been a fan of Tori St. Claire’s work in the past.  I think she can write a sexy an complex story and usually keep me engaged.  That being said, SHATTER ME was missing something.  Maybe it’s just too simple.  Maybe some of the feelings and actions of some characters didn’t really sell it for me.  I just expected more from this story.

So overall SHATTER ME was a quick and enjoyable read to pass the time.  It’s not a story that will probably stay with me, nor is a story that would make me run to buy more from this author.  If you are looking for that book, then you need to go read STRIPPED by her (My review | Amazon).

The hero here Alex, is a former Marine who lost his partner overseas while said partner saved his life.  He’s been conflicted about that fact, and about the fact that there is now a widow that is basically his fault.  A woman that he has always wanted.  Even when he knew she was happily married to his best friend.  In honor of his friend he has to go check in on her and make sure she’s doing ok one year after the death.  And he finds her with higher spirits than he expected but with a heap of house and money problems.

Yes, there’s a secret here.  I wish there would’ve been more done with said secret as it is a heavy and important subject.  The big reveal in the end was sort of half assed and the resolution was too simple.  I hate simple when an issue has ruined someone’s life for so long.

The chemistry between Alex and Reagan was great though.  Ms. St. Claire usually knows how to steam up the pages and this was no exception.  It was a big more subdued as they tip toe around each other and try to be gentle.  And works its way up.

I still look forward to reading more from this author!


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  1. I have this on my TBR… I am glad that I read your review prior to purchase…. My TBR list is huge so I will just press on.