“Christine Feehan delivered yet another action-packed, steamy romance filled with emotion and plot twists.”

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I don’t know how she does it after writing over 80 books, but Christine Feehan delivered yet another action-packed, steamy romance filled with emotion and plot twists in her latest release, Shadow Storm.

Shadow Storm is the sixth book in the Shadow Rider series and details the story of Emmanuelle Ferraro and Valentino Saldi. This book has been a long time coming. Seriously though. This relationship has been teased over the course of five books, so I’m thrilled that the wait is FINALLY over. The conflict between the Saldi’s and the Ferraro’s comes to a boiling point in this book, and Emme is forced to confront the feelings for Val that she’s been running away from.

First, the spin that Feehan introduced in this book was COMPLETELY unexpected. But, looking back, a lot of things that didn’t make sense before started to click now. This spin helps reflects the differences in the relationships of the series. Emme and Val’s relationship is different than that of her siblings and their spouses. For her brothers, they had to save the day and rescue their spouses from the bad guys. Emme is not a damsel in distress though, and she doesn’t need anyone to save her from physical dangers. Instead, Val must work hard at making her believe she is loved and worthy of being loved after her bitch of a mother has spent a lifetime convincing her she’ll never amount to anything. Also, there’s a lot more compromise required in this relationship for them to have a true partnership. Val must reconcile his ideas of what role his wife should fill to meet Emme’s desire to continue her family’s work halfway.

Feehan hinted at the possibility of a relationship between Emmanuelle and Elie Archambault in previous books, but I’m so glad that she decided to not go that route. Emme has been pining for Val for so long, and she deserves to be happy.
One thing I wasn’t thrilled about in this book was the reasoning behind Emme leaving Val. The plot device is overused, and because of that, the events that follow feel somewhat predictable.

The stories for the main Ferraro siblings may be over, but I hope that they continue this series and cover the stories of the cousins. A story about Elie Archambault or the other members of the Archambault family would be cool too. Something important worth noting is that there are mentions of child abuse and rape in this book. If these things could be triggering, it might be worth skipping Shadow Storm.


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