“This is an emotional story, and definitely one of my favorite KGI books.” ~Under the Covers

After a rough patch with this series, I can finally say that Maya Banks is right back on track (at least for me).  She delivered exactly what I expect from a KGI novel, especially with two of my favorite ever characters.  Job superbly well done!

SHADES OF GRAY starts off with a bang that had me glued to the pages ever since.  PJ and Cole are so perfect for each other, and he’s finally done letting her keep her distance and goes after her.  Things are explosive between these two.  And then things go south when Steele’s team is called in for a mission.  To rescue some girls from a child trafficking monster.

Things go from bad to worst in this story and we are going through everything right along with the characters.  At times, it wasn’t easy.  PJ’s suffering, Cole’s (and the team) inability to do anything about what happened.  And then the downfall of the events.

Through it all, Cole was her rock.  A really deliciously sexy rock.  It wasn’t just about a physical attraction for him, like he might’ve originally thought.  I loved that he realized that early on and was the type of hero that will go after his heroine and be there for her, even when she doesn’t realize herself that she needs the support.

PJ is a strong heroine, always has been.  Maybe the events of this book both strengthened her but also made her a lot more vulnerable.  She truly came out on top and a survivor.  She “took care of business” even at a high price to herself and her sanity.  She’s maybe my favorite heroine in this series for sure.  I loved how different she was around Cole, playful and even sweet, you could almost say girly.

At one point early on in the series I thought PJ and Donovan might have had something, but after reading this book I see the error of my ways.  PJ and Cole are perfect for each other.  They will continue to be badass together.

This is an emotional story, and definitely one of my favorite KGI books.

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. Thanks for the review – I just got my copy today but as usual I am behind on reading this series…sigh

  2. I am reading this one right now 🙂
    And I am loving it, too. This KGI series of Maya’s is one of my faves from her. The Kelly men (UNGH) have spoiled me rotten. My fave I have to say is RIO, but Cole stole my heart with his charm in this book. YUM YUM
    My only complaint so far is that I felt a little cheated with the length of the novel –it seems shorter than the other books.
    But then, I am a greedy bitch, lol.
    Great review sista!

  3. I have this series on my wish list,I hope that I will read very soon 🙂
    Maya Banks write great 🙂

    Great review Francesca 🙂