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“Book after book, Darynda continues to deliver, never disappointing any Charley Davidson fans. If I wasn’t at the edge of my seat or laughing out loud…I was crying my eyes out. Well done, Daryanda! Well Done!” ~ Under the Covers


Shit just got real in Seventh Grave and No Body. Charley is hunted by demons, stalked by the Vatican, solving suicide mysteries and by God; she is now a recovering caffeine-aholic while keeping her snark. All that, and she still manages to keep a man like Reyes. Charley Davidson is my hero.

Charley gets stronger and stronger in each installment of this series but in this book, she improved not only in strength but her skills. I think she’s getting the hang of things when she’s not thinking so hard about it. I’m impressed with how far she has come. But….She is as hard headed as always. She tends to put herself in danger when there isn’t a need for it. Her choices to leave out Reyes in every decision made me want to strangle her. Not that she could get away from Reyes, but she definitely tried. But as much as I love Reyes, I do love Charley.

Reyes is, of course, more present than ever! He is still very dangerous, sexy and so, so romantic. I can’t get enough of him. Though we got plenty of pages of him in it, I wish he took on a bigger role then just chasing Charlie around. Sometimes, Charley needed a good whoopin after the things she did. I am predicting he will take on a bigger role once the prophecy takes place. I feel like Darynda is brewing hell for this couple, and they need to be prepared.

I love that there was clarification of who Jessica, Charley’s ex-bff is. Her story unfolds a little more and what do you know….she is as bitchy and as human as anyone can be. My heart truly broke for her. Ubie and Cookie are taking things a bit more serious. Cookie will get a ‘finger-licking-treat in this book that made her just about the luckiest BFF alive. There is one big revelation that I did not expect. It left me in the biggest heap of tears, and I couldn’t help but feel bad for Charley.

Book after book, Darynda continues to deliver, never disappointing any Charley Davidson fans. If I wasn’t at the edge of my seat or laughing out loud…I was crying my eyes out. Well done, Daryanda! Well Done!

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When I stepped past the threshold of our room, our beds still butted up against each other, since he’d taken the wall separating our rooms out a couple of weeks ago, I was struck by the picture that met me. Reyes lay across both beds, propped up on several pillows, shirtless with only his dark lounge pants, his legs stretched out in front of him, his feet bare, a drink in one hand, and a book in the other. It was like one of those “at home” photos with models that looked like movie stars.

I almost came at the sight. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. And I’d seen a lot of sexy lately. Would I ever get used to just having him? To just being able to look upon him and know he was mine? Know that I didn’t have to share him unless I got really kinky as I got older and decided to get into threesomes. But I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to share the man before me. I got jealous of his talking to a departed woman today. Granted, she was a gorgeous departed woman.

“Be still my Betty White,” I said softly.

“What?” he asked without looking up, one corner of his mouth lifting playfully.

I walked forward and stopped at the edge of the bed. “You. Reading. That is probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen a man do.”

His mouth widened and he finally looked up at me, closing the book in his hand and setting it aside. “Clearly you’ve never seen me pole dance.”

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  1. Reyes Farrow, Oh I mean Charley is great and the books are awesome. I can’t wait to read Seventh Grave and No Body.

  2. I love this series b/c I love the characters, the series plot, the mysteries with each book and I love that its all done with humor even though there are tough stuff going on.

    Can’t wait to read this one. Thanks for the review thoughts. Good on Cookie and Ubie! And I’d sell my younger brother to see Reyes pole dance! Haha!