True to the title, Ms. Heaton has SEDUCED me further, falling in love with her Vampire Erotic Theater Series. And true to the series name, this book is an enthralling EROTIC love story you would not want to miss.This is a stand-alone novella and I assure you will not be lost if you decided to pick up and read this book. Nevertheless, I guarantee you that you will want to read all of the books in this ADDICTIVE series. Seduced is the third installment of VET and we finally get a full story about Antoine and a fair amount of information about his brother Snow.

Antoine, a top-notch part owner of Vampirerotique has been a big mystery to me. Besides the theater business, all that seemed to matter to him was his bloodlust brother. I found it odd that Snow and Antoine had always just been so involved with each other. When one came, the other followed. Well, it’s not what it looks like or what I thought. I certainly know now that its deep and it is due to a grief-stricken past.

Sera a newly turned vamp had set her eyes on Antoine. As an independent woman, she knows exactly what she wants and has the balls to go after it. If it means auditioning for a part at the theater, she will go the distance. She was determined and didn’t play the annoying heroine who often used the pity card. Ms Heaton did well with her match making decision and with that, a well deserved and long overdue happy ending for our uptight Antoine.

I devoured this book, taking in every bit of Antoine and Serra’s love story. Despite of the short length, Ms Heaton was able to make their romance believable. Antoine was every bit of Alpha as Javier and Callum. There is a good amount of steamy hot scenes. *cough*The handcuffs got me squirming*cough*. Speaking of hotness, there are two new characters to help manage the theater. There wasn’t a lot of information about them yet but I’m sure we will soon enough.

We got a good bit of Snow in this book and boy, he is every of what I expected. He does have a wicked and tortured past. I think he is in need of a heroine who can sate his hunger for his blood lust and/or other things he may need…*cough* ME*cough*. I can guarantee you, his book will be EPIC!

Ms. Heaton does not disappoint! She had given ME a good dose of VET to last me until the next book is released. NOT. I will probably be hounding her via social media to get a glimpse of Snow. =)

*ARC provided by author

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