“I haven’t read a book written by Ms. Cutler that I didn’t enjoy. ” ~ Under the Covers

Agent Ryan Reitano continues his quest to capture the last of the Chiara Brothers. Unfortunately, he is on his own on this mission as his team had broken up. He is now working with the ICE team in San Diego where he will be in the mercy of one very hot secretary.

Whether he likes it or not, Avery Meadows will come to his rescue. Ryan and Avery will be in a dangerous situation where anyone can be the mole and or suspect. They will need to trust and work together to get out of this bind.

Avery reminded of the Girl from Legally Blonde. Of course she is no dumb blonde. But a very girly girl and so desperately want to get out of her skin to be someone else. This sexy secretary has always dreamed of being an agent herself. To prove it, she has a gadget belt, crime fighting wear and a car that will out run any villain’s getaway car. She totally made me laugh, and her bravery surprised me. I thought she was genuine, smart, and very witty.

Ryan also found her fascinating. After all the years of exposure to violence, he found her most definitely out of his elements. I love that he was enthralled by her innocence and cuteness of wanting to be an agent. It made me laugh when Avery did things that shocked the hell out of Ryan. Like finding out what kind of car she drives. I think that’s when he realized, Avery is serious when it comes to spy wear and accessories. I think considering Ryan’s past; it was appropriate that he was attracted to a girl like Avery. She really just lightened his life from the moment they met. I like Ryan, he was confident, sexy,and he knew exactly what to do at every given moment.

There was a little less banter with the boys in this novel which I missed as I enjoyed it from the last installment, Tempted into Danger. Well, less because Ryan was working alone, but you will see some characters from the previous book. Of course, I enjoyed that. Overall, another great read.

Ms. Cutler did such a great job in making this romantic suspense light-hearted and cute but not anywhere close to being cheesy. I haven’t read a book written by Ms. Cutler that I didn’t enjoy. I can’t wait to read more of her work.

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