ARC Review: Second Chance Summer by Jill Shalvis

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ARC Review: Second Chance Summer by Jill Shalvis
Second Chance Summer
Book Info

Released: June 30, 2015
Series: Cedar Ridge #1
Pages: 368


“SECOND CHANCE SUMMER is bursting with testosterone and I think Shalvis may have some of her very best heroes in this promising new series!” ~ Under the Covers

Jill Shalvis is one of my favorite authors so when I heard she was starting up a new series, I was excited. Cedar Ridge kind of reminds me a little of her other series, Wilder. It’s the outdoorsy type but if you mix that a little with Lucky Harbor, you’ve got the perfect combination of small-town coziness and hot adventure.

Lily Danville to Cedar Ridge, Colorado where she encounters Aiden Kincaid, a smoking hot firefighter who seriously heats things up in this book. Shalvis takes a very light approach to this book, introducing the various potential male leads in Aiden’s brother, etc. There’s a lot of teasing and roughhousing amongst them that never failed to put a smile on my face. But it seems to take up a lot of the first half of the book. This didn’t bother me so much since I did find it entertaining but the romance doesn’t really develop until further on in the book.

Lily and Aiden have a past that they need to overcome and part of the allure of this book is seeing how they come to trust each other once again. You can expect a lot of the same flirty and silly antics that Jill Shalvis is known for but this one has a more “guy” feel to it. SECOND CHANCE SUMMER is bursting with testosterone and I think Shalvis may have some of her very best heroes in this promising new series!



“Come here,” he said.

“I’m right here.”


She walked into his arms. He pulled her in and kissed her. He kissed her until he knew he’d taken it as far as he could without tearing off that pretty sundress right then and there, and only then did he lift his head.

“Oh,” she breathed, staggering back a step, clearly trying to play it cool—which might have worked if her eyes weren’t dilated and the pulse at the base of her throat wasn’t going apeshit crazy.

He gave a slow smile and pulled her back in, not hard for him to do, since she already had a grip on his shirt like he was her lifeline and she was going down for the count.

She cleared her throat. “So you showed up all Captain America to save the day, and now what? I jump into bed with you? Was that your plan?”

“Yeah,” he said, “but in my version we didn’t talk this much.”
“A full-service rescue then,” she said evenly.

He tried a cajoling smile. “I’m really good at full service.”

“Do you really think this is a good idea?”

He laughed softly and let his mouth brush over her temple and then her ear, which caused her to shiver. “Of course it’s not a good idea. Or we’d have gone for it already.

But sometimes the bad ideas turn out to be the best ideas of all.”

“Yeah?” she asked. “Name one.”

“Bringing out your keys from the convenience store after the postcard display demolition.”

She let out a soft laugh and fisted her hands in his hair.

“So what now? We really going to try this out?”

Were they? He’d promised himself he wouldn’t give her a chance to devastate him again. But somehow over the past few weeks he’d lost sight of keeping his heart safe and moved onto wanting to heal her heart. “I’m game.”

She hesitated so long he took a step back from her and prepared himself to leave. But her hand came out and gripped his. “You’re wearing too many clothes,” she said softly.


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