“Rose and Steven were very sweet together, I loved that they seemed to have no qualms about falling in love with each other and acted on those feeling fairly quickly.” ~ Under the Covers

What did you think about Rose and Steven?

Suzanne: They were good, I don’t recall much about Steven from the previous books so it was almost like a fresh new character breezing into the series. I think Rose and Steven were very sweet together, I loved that they seemed to have no qualms about falling in love with each other and acted on those feeling fairly quickly. I think Steven was also supposed to be some kind of womanising, gambling rake, but that never really came across for me. I did think that the story was very predictable and I admit I got a little bored reading this as I felt that I was always one step ahead as I could see exactly what was going to happen.

Annie: I liked them. I enjoyed the circumstances that brought them together. Both of them were very willing to jump onto the idea and that made it that bit more fun. However, the romance did feel a little predictable to me as the story went on. Rose and Steven’s romance progresses quickly and may come off as instalove to some.

What’s your favorite thing about the Highland Pleasures series?

Suzanne: Hmmm, the men in kilts part! Oh or any part that contain Ian Mackenzie, I love that man! I also like that we keep in touch with each of the characters as we go, each time I pick up a book it is like fitting in with a group of old friends.

Annie: I love that there’s a tight group within the series. However, that being said, this novella is a little bit separated from that. I think because everyone is connected somehow, it makes readers eager to read the next book. That being said, bring on Sinclair!

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madness-ian-mckenzieBook 1 Lady-Isabella's-Scandalous-MarriageBook 2 The-Many-Sins-of-Lord-CameronBook 3 The-Duke's-Perfect-WifeBook 4
The-Seduction-of-Elliot-McBrideBook 5 The-Wicked-Deeds-of-Daniel-MackenzieBook 6 scandal and the duchessBook 6.5

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  1. Love me some MacKenzies and McBrides! There are two novellas not mentioned above worth mentioning as well. A Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect Gift (MacKenzies & McBrides, #4.5) and The Untamed MacKenzie (MacKenzies & McBrides, #5.5) .
    And do too perk up every time Ian “walks” in into the story. It’s like saying Hi! to a former flame 😉