“… it has added a little bit of fun and light heartiness to my book shelf” ~ Under the Covers

We have now come to the final book in the Second Chance series and the free spirited, fun loving Georgie. Infamous for leaving 3 men at the altar, her second chance resolution is to look back at the men she left and see where she went wrong. At least that is what she tells her friends, her real second chance resolution is all about Nick, the third man she left, and her one true regret.

I am sad to see the end of this series, it has added a little bit of fun and light heartiness to my book shelf. Not to mention something a little sexy as each of the girls find their perfect match and get kinky in the bedroom.

Georgie however, had already found her perfect match, and then went and screwed it up by running off whilst he was waiting at the front of the church. I enjoyed watching Georgie and Nick slowly come to trust each other, the book was fairly short, so it didn’t really go into much depth, but they definitely had great chemistry. Especially in the bedroom, straitlaced Nick let out his wild side.

This series may not blow you away, but if you want something fun, sexy and quick to read then give it a try.


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