“One of my favourite Christmas books this year”
~ Under the Covers

Finally, I have found a Christmas book that I really like! Now, I know the cover is ugly verging on ominous; however, that isn’t a reflection of the book. Same Time, Next Christmas was a great read, funny and heart-warming…as well as a little surprising.

I say surprising because if someone had described the heroine to me, I would expect not to like her. She’s all about propriety and rules of proper behaviour…maybe a little bit stuffy. But, what actually happened was that I found her prickly personality charming. As did our hero Mr Fletcher Jamison, the friction between them was fantastic and was great at building the chemistry between them.

When I first read this, it seemed to be one of those stories where the whole situation could have been sorted out with a single conversation. However, the characters, especially Portia grew and changed a lot during the three Christmases this spans, that I think if events had happened at different times, that perhaps the ending would not have been quite so happy.

One of my favourite Christmas books this year, it was funny and heart-warming, the perfect read to curl up with this festive season.


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  1. Great review Suzanne!! I’m not much into holiday reads either,but I love this writer. On my tbr gr list! Shared on all my socials!