ARC Review: Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke by Suzanne Enoch

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ARC Review: Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke by Suzanne Enoch
Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke
Book Info

Released: September 25, 2012
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Scandalous Brides #3
Pages: 343



Sophia White was born into the world as an illegitimate daughter of a duke, so her tarnished reputation precedes her. Living her entire life under that stigma has caused her to find refuge at the Tantalus Club, an establishment for gentlemen. Yet Sophia is able to make friends and find people to call her family there. Unfortunately, society still deems her unworthy and to save her soul, a vicar has volunteered to marry her. Horrified yet optimistic, Sophia is determined to make the last few weeks of her freedom count before she is forced to marry someone she does not care for.

When she is invited to spend the holidays at the Duke of Greaves’ estate, Sophia is thrilled at the prospects of seeing her friend Camille Blackwood again. However, her trip to Adam Baswich’s estate soon turns into an embarrassing accident. The bridge they travel on collapses, causing Sophia and the coach she is in to submerge into the freezing, icy water. Adam is there to save her, but it is in that time that Sophia notices much more than Adam’s warm embrace. She realizes her time with him alone may lead to trouble.

Adam and Sophia are absolutely amazing together. Despite the fact that Sophia is dreading the coming weeks of her life, there is this spark in it that makes present company smile. She has such a zest for life and each page that Enoch writes, you see it more and more. Adam is a hard man, but while in the presence of Sophia, he seems enlightened, teasing. Enoch weaves together a spectacular love story within the first half of the book. It will have readers melting with its romantic elements. And yet, the latter half of the book will have readers rooting for the hero and heroine, hoping that true love has what it takes to prevail.

Enoch really captured my heart with this book and transported me into the Duke of Greaves estate. When the book was finished and I wanted more, I found that Enoch managed to evoke a myriad of emotions from me. Suzanne Enoch is easily becoming one of my new auto-buy authors!

Readers will be thrilled to note that Keating Blackwood and Camille are very much present in this book. Enoch writes such memorable characters that I couldn’t help but let out an excited squeal whenever she mentions Blackwood. He certainly brings forth a dark menacing aura to the book, yet the things he does and says are comical and makes me love him more.

Humor, heat and heart – Suzanne Enoch has it all in RULES TO CATCH A DEVILISH DUKE! Fit for the holidays, this red hot read is sure to keep you warm through the winter months!

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