“What is great about this series is that Jennifer Ashley has some fantastic heroines all slightly different from the usual Ladies and Misses you get in a Historical Romance, and Bertie was a great addition to this tradition.” ~ Under the Covers

What were your first thoughts after finishing Rules for a Proper Governess?

Suzanne: I enjoyed reading it and the romance was lovely, but a bit disappointed when I think back to how much I loved the first books of the series.

Annie: I liked it but I don`t think the hero and heroine would be considered my favorite in the series.

What was your first impression of Bertie?

Annie: Bertie struck me as different from all the other heroines in the series. I liked her confident and her sass, but I was taken aback by the strange way she just threw herself on Sinclair and kissed him at odd times. She’s certainly full of surprises and I think that’s one of the great things she brings to this book,

Suzanne: I really like Bertie! She was cheeky, fun and confident, a great contrast to Sinclair who more of a broody tortured soul. What is great about this series is that Jennifer Ashley has some fantastic heroines all slightly different from the usual Ladies and Misses you get in a Historical Romance, and Bertie was a great addition to this tradition.

What did you think about the romance between Sinclair McBride and Bertie?     

Annie: I enjoyed it, but I also felt that something was missing too. McBride and Bertie have this instant reaction to one another, but I think it goes from being suspicious of one another to lust too quickly for me to believe in it. I also felt that the passion was missing from it. Like Sinclair adores his previous wife, that sense of love shines through. With Bertie, I felt that it didn’t hit as hard enough as I would have liked.

Suzanne: I liked it! It didn’t have the passionate intensity of some of the other romances, but Bertie and Sinclair had a good connection. But, I found Bertie’s love for Sinclair far more convincing and sincere than his love for her, for him it all seemed rather rushed towards the end of the book, where he is suddenly declaring his love. But, I did still like their romance, I think I was just hoping for a little it more.

What did you think of the family dynamic? 

Suzanne: I loved the element of the kids in this book, I think it really added to the story, not only do we fall in love with Bertie and Sinclair, but with his two children as well. Plus, making Sinclair a single father with no clue really what to do with his kids, yet loving them so fiercely made him sexier and slightly vulnerable, how can a girl resist that combination?

Annie: The kids added the humor and the heart to the story. Without them, I don`t think the story would have had the same impact. The same thing goes with the MacKenzie appearances. For me, the most memorable scenes are the heartwarming ones between family members.

So, have the McBrides been a success?

Suzanne: I have mixed feelings, I liked some of their books, Ainsley and Elliott mainly, but I haven’t been so keen on the latter ones. However, I do enjoy this series, all the relationships that have been formed in previous books and the familiarity with all the background characters makes reading any book in this series a pleasure.

Annie: I like them, but I think it`s hard to top the likes of the MacKenzies. They are the ones that come off the page the strongest. But the McBrides work in their own way and are still entertaining to read.

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madness-ian-mckenzieBook 1 Lady-Isabella's-Scandalous-MarriageBook 2 The-Many-Sins-of-Lord-CameronBook 3 The-Duke's-Perfect-WifeBook 4
The-Seduction-of-Elliot-McBrideBook 5 The-Wicked-Deeds-of-Daniel-MackenzieBook 6 scandal and the duchessBook 6.5 Rules for a Proper GovernessBook 7

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