“This was such a charming duo of novellas!” ~ Under the Covers

At this point in a review I normally dive into a brief (hopefully spoiler free) synopsis of the book, but with Royally Ever After I am giving this a miss. This book is two historical romance novellas put together, Lord Lovedon’s Duel and The Jilting of Lord Rothwick.

This was such a charming duo of novellas! I haven’t read much of Loretta Chase, but it has certainly perked my interest in finding out more and doing an extensive Goodreads search. Both novellas were romantic with some gentle humour threaded in and although I preferred the first one, Lord Lovedon’s Duel I had a great time reading them both.

If you want something quick and fun to read, and perhaps haven’t tried any Loretta Chase novels before and want a taster, this is a great book, especially at only £/$0.99 (I feel we Brits have missed out somewhere with the pricing!).


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  1. I’ve loved some of her books and thought others were eh…so i’ll wait and see on this ….thanks!