“The long wait was worth it because Travis was smoldering!” Under the Covers

Finally Travis’ book!  He’s had a rough go at it throughout the series and I have fallen in love with him from the very broken beginning.  All that hidden suffering was festering and I couldn’t wait to peel back the layers and get into his mind!  He’s been in love with his best friend Cassidy for a while but when he finally made a move Cassidy ran scared.  After losing Cassidy, Travis met Ashley and while he really liked her he couldn’t let her into that darker side of him.

Now Ashley is back in town, wanting to stay and maybe rekindling her romance with Travis.  She’s asked Travis to let her be his shadow for a bit while she paints and prepares for a gallery show with her art.  When he’s sent in his cousin’s Karen’s place to set up camp, Ashley goes with him for the summer.  Except he wasn’t expecting to find Cassidy there.  All those old feelings come back, and new ones that include both Cassidy and Ashley.

The long wait was worth it because Travis was smoldering!  The chemistry between all the characters in this book had steam coming off the pages from the very beginning.  But as much as I enjoy a good, hot, sexy read… I never fully immersed myself into ROCKY MOUNTAIN FREEDOM.  Maybe it’s my own preconceived ideas because I was never a fan of the heroine, Ashley, from when Travis was dating her in the previous book.  Probably that is just the right kind of heroine for him, that would be ok with the scenario that Travis presents which is that of a permanent menage with his guy crush.  But I just couldn’t connect with her.

On the other hand, I was all about Travis and Cassidy.  You should’ve given me a book about those two hot alpha males ending up as a couple and I would’ve been happier than anything else.  Cassidy is the one that takes care of Travis in that deep, emotional level he needs.  They are just so hot together and there’s so much angst, the push and pull of Travis getting Cassidy to open up and let him in.  I was eating up all those bits we were getting.

I was very happy that the book didn’t end with them deciding to give their triad a go and leaving all the family and society issues aside.  Ms. Arend takes us on the journey with them, the dirty looks, the attacks from the community, the discrimination.  At the end of the day, their relationship won’t be easy and they will always have things to deal with.  But this shows the support of the Coleman family will be there through everything.

Even though I could’ve done with a classier heroine, I still enjoyed this book a lot and I’m anxious for so many other storylines to come!  Jesse of course but also Karen.  So many possibilities that Vivian Arend isn’t writing fast enough to keep me happy!

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