Ms. Carr excels at creating Heroes and heroines that are society outcasts, and gives them their much deserved HEA. ~Under The Covers

Set in the late 1700, Olivia is ahead of her time.  She knows exactly how society works and knows how cruel it can be to those who are outcasts.  After becoming a widow from a sham of a marriage, Olivia has become the talk of the town.  However, she is done with the drama and vows to get away somehow.  Luckily, she received a proposal she could not refuse and Livy had figured out a way. Drunken Roland Devere had made an offer of marriage that he could not even remember.  Now placed in a predicament where his honor is on the line, he must live up to the bargain Livy had propositioned him. However, he will certainly make the best of things and he is on a mission to get to know Olivia.

Ms. Carr excels at creating Heroes and heroines that are society outcasts, and gives them their much deserved HEA.  Olivia, a Lady shamed by her bigamist husband and Devere a second son betrothed is certainly not common.  I love that Devere and Olivia are in a forced situation but still managed to fall in love without being rushed.  I think that was possible because of Devere.  I love how he pursued Olivia, he definitely knows how to court a lady.  He knew what and when to say or do things. Oh, and he absolutely knows how to pleasure a woman.

The secondary story between Margo (Devere’s sister) and Philip (Olivia’s Father) was also a treat.  Similar to Olivia, their story is also getting a second chance at love. My only complain is that I had a hard time seeing Philip as a sexy man the way Margo saw him.  I had this “older father figure” image of him and it took me a bit to get use to seeing him as a vibrant man. But overall, it was a great addition to the story.

There were a few cameos of characters from the last two books.  It’s always good to see how they are doing after their HEA.  And, though I am one not to recommend reading out of order, these books can be read as stand alone. I can assure you, there are no big spoilers that can ruin your read if you decide to start with this book.

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