” Rewarded is my first interactive trilogy, and I found it to be very entertaining.” ~ Under the Covers

Rewarded is the third and last novella from the Torn Between Two Lovers Trilogy by Jo Davis. I truly enjoyed all three books. From the start of this series, I knew the heroine will end up with whom the readers decide. Rewarded is my first interactive trilogy, and I found it to be very entertaining. I loved reading others’ reviews to see if they were Team Joaquin or Team Grey. I won’t mention whom I wanted to win, but unfortunately, it’s not the guy that the readers picked.

Greyson is back in the picture and ready to fight for Anna. Ms. Davis did a great job bringing in the heroes and giving them a chance to win Anna’s heart. Because it’s a short book, you quickly learn whom she will pick early on of the book.  It was a hard choice for Anna.  Who can blame her, both Joaquin and Greyson are both walking sin.  They are strong, influential and very sexy.

I will say that all three novellas are short and fast paced. It’s filled with action scenes with a hint of suspense. Not to forget the love story between the protagonists was very sweet. Like I said, the hero I was rooting for did not win the girl. But I am hoping he gets his own happy-ever-after because he surely deserves it. I will be the first in line to read his story.

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