Adam Connelly returns from a successful S&R where he is finally able to get some much needed rest. However, upon his return, Adam is bombarded by all the things that need to be done at the animal shelter that he and his brothers own. Exhausted from lack of sleep and in a bad mood because of injury he acquired, Adam pushes everyone who wants to help him back, telling others not to bother with him. He can handle himself. But when an unexpected visitor comes back from his past, Adam is caught off guard.

Holly, his teenage love, is in his room, asking for a very big favor. Her father has gone missing in the Bitterroot Mountains and there is only one person able to track him down. Unfortunately for Holly, Adam Connelly is the last person she wants to see again. Laying eyes on him could very well break her heart…again.

Jill Shalvis is having a stellar year! With her fantastic Lucky Harbor series, she is able to transfer readers into a whole new world. I used to say that her Lucky Harbor series was my favorite of her work, but with RESCUE MY HEART, she completely blew my mind. Adam is definitely my favorite of the Animal Magnetism series so far.

The thing about Adam is that he is content with himself. He never lets his true emotions show. He experiences some panic attacks that are normal for someone who has spent time in Afghanistan. Small triggers can set him off, causing him to spiral out uncontrollably. Yet he never asks for help. I loved his stoicism because Holly does a fantastic job of slowly chipping away at that icy exterior, revealing a man worthy of love underneath. Adam Connelly is hands down my favorite hero of the series so far.

Similarly, Holly was the perfect blend of cute and feisty. I loved her attitude towards life and that even though Adam pushed her away, she never let that deter her from what she truly wanted. Shalvis has a true talent of creating dialogue between characters that is sure to make you laugh out loud and warm your hearts. It takes a talented author to set a book in the icy mountains and still have warmth and love infused throughout. RESCUE MY HEART is filled to the brim with laughter and good times. It’s the perfect feel-good read!

But despite the humor and the lightness of the book, Shalvis is still able to bring substance to her books. She addresses real-life conditions that can burden a person’s life, yet she looks at it positively, bringing hope for the readers and the characters. With her words, Jill Shalvis is able to bring forth happiness with all of her books. RESCUE MY HEART is no exception. I love it!


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