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Dalton, Dalton, Dalton…*sigh* Oh how I love thee!  I NEVER thought I would say that.  See, after COWBOY CASANOVA I was so mad at him I didn’t think he would be able to redeem himself enough that I would fall for him.  I mean, I always trust Ms. James to deliver a great book but some heroes are closer to the heart than others.  Well, Dalton made me fall….hard!

I’ve been impatiently waiting to find out what went on between Rory and Dalton as we’ve gotten glimpses here and there in the past few books.  Well, as some of you might’ve guessed, this book takes place a few years in the future from where GONE COUNTRY left off.  Dalton has gone off and grown up.  Leaving some of his McKay childish, stubborn ways behind him.  He comes back more mature, a man.  Grizzly beard an all.

I started to fall for him when I realize there would be no fighting the attraction for Dalton.  He knows from page one that he wants Rory for himself, finally.  And he really stops at nothing to get her there.  He’s determined, he’s sexy in his seduction and with just enough humor to make him real.  And yes, I’ll say it again… all the more reasons to fall for him…hard!

But lets not leave Rory out of this equation.  As I often find with Ms. James’ heroines, she’s amazing.  She’s got a strong but delicate core, she can face the world but she also needs love and attention.  And she has one weakness.  Dalton!  I totally understand her.

Their chemistry is off the charts, their courting is endearing and extremely hot.  But their love is not something that sprung out of nowhere.  It’s always been there, growing and getting stronger.  This book just shows that it can withstand anything so they can be together because they were meant to be.

And then there’s the drama around them… The main reason Dalton had come back was because Casper had a heart attack and was in the hospital.  Sometimes I wish the bastard would’ve died a long time ago.  He could’ve saved many people a lot of heartache.  But as we find out in this book, Casper had more to dish out.

This book is beautifully written, the storylines flow seamlessly to weave the perfect picture of the McKay family we come to love and care about.  Leaving you as always wanting more.  I do think these get better and better!  Haven’t read the series yet?  You are MISSING OUT!

Now if only we could get Sierra’s story 🙂

Favorite Quotes:

“Spend every waking hour that you’re not working with me.”

Dalton tugged her closer by her hair.  “Alls you gotta do is say the word, sugarplum, and I’ll be on my knees before you.”

*ARC provided by publisher

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