“Ms. Hayes knocked this out the ballpark and beyond my expectations.” ~Under the Covers

Red Zone is the second installment if the Daniels Brothers series and it’s even better than the first. It is without a doubt more suspenseful, the romance is stronger, definitely hotter, and the
mystery kept me guessing. Ms. Hayes knocked this out the ballpark and beyond my expectations.

Second brother to the Daniel Brother series, Gage is the long awaited, bro, the football player of the family. If you read Behind Closed Doors, at the end of the book, Gage received a mystery mail. Well, Red Zone takes place shortly after that. Gage has earned himself a stalker that has become out of control. Of course, the team owner hires Rebecca Carson who is an FBI agent on an administrative leave to protect him. And the good part is that she has to pose as his girlfriend while protecting him. Ah, yes. Can you already imagine the tension they will have?

Off the bat, Gage and Rebecca are hot for each other and I love their chemistry. As soon as they meet, you feel their attraction for each other. But due to circumstances, Rebecca attempts to avoid any relations with Gage. Obviously, she’s trying to do her job and I can totally respect that. The only thing is her game of tug-a-war annoyed me at times. Her inner battle to ward off gage just wasn’t working. I mean, how can you refuse a hot, rich, jock that is clearly crazy for you? I sure wouldn’t put up a fight…in my fantasy world. Oh man, I can’t believe I’m saying this because I  loved Chris and I have a thing for Trent. But hot damn, Gage is adorably sexy. Let me tell you, this book gave me a different perspective on the football players.

We got to see a bit of Chris and Elizabeth, Trent, Momma and Papa Daniels which was a fun scene. I swear they are the all-American family. We also got a good amount of Paul who I believe will be the next hero of this series. I thought Ms. Hayes, did a great job setting his character up and getting the readers ready for him.

Anyone who enjoys a good Contemporary, Romantic Suspense with a hot Jock Genre, this is the book for you. Ms. Hayes’ Finding Anna is also a great read for the ones who crave a darker story line.

*ARC provided by publisher

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