“If we’re talking stomp versus romp, there’s definitely stomp all over this book.” ~ Under the Covers

What are your first impressions of RED BLOODED?

Annie: While there’s a lot of action that goes on in the book, I was really waiting for the moment when it would come all together. This series has some cliffhanger endings so I feel like readers are constantly waiting for that one big moment, only to be left hanging. I’m holding off until that moment of anticipation occurs and we see what Amanda Carlson has been working towards to.

Angela:  I anticipated an action packed novel and Carlson delivered just that. If we’re talking stomp versus romp, there’s definitely stomp all over this book.  I would sum it up to Action and Adventure.


What did you think about Jessica and her powers?

Annie: I like Jessica. I think she has a level head on her shoulders. There’s something about a heroine who is able to handle her own and I think Jessica definitely fits into that category. Her powers are great but Jessica hones them quite quickly. She doesn’t struggle too hard and I wonder if showing her vulnerabilities more would make her character more multidimensional and relatable.

 Angela:  I love Jessica.  She’s definitely on my top kick-ass-heroine.  The girl can kick major ass from our realm all the way to the underworld.  But I see your point Annie, she does come out of disasters with very little hardship.  I think her weakness was her ties to her pack and family.  She’d sacrifice anything for them even her happiness but I guess, she could have been more vulnerable.  I didn’t particularly look for that but the romance….that, I looked for. =)


What are your thoughts on the romance of this book?

Annie: I didn’t go into this book expecting too much romance since the focus is definitely on the Urban Fantasy genre, but I’m a Romance girl at heart. I definitely wanted more of Rourke but I can’t say I was disappointed in it. One can only hope that there’s more of the purrrfect hero in future books.

Angela:  Though I love a good action book, I am a romance reader first and foremost.  In this series, I have fallen for Rourke and Jessica’s romance.  I know, I know, this series of the UF genre but a girl can hope, right?  I honestly wanted more Rourke time and I did not get enough of him. I’m glad he finally stepped up and told Jessica that she can’t run the show on her own so, maybe in the next book we’ll get more Rourke action. =)


We are into book four of the Jessica McClain series. How do you think the series has progressed so far?

Annie: As I mentioned before, there’s a ton of action in this series, especially in RED BLOODED. Politics continues to play a big part in the series and Jessica is managing it well. Despite all that, I’m still wondering where this series is going and what Carlson has planned for the endgame. I’m interested to see what she has planned next.

Angela:  Well, Jessica as a character had evolved quite a bit from the first book.  She has managed to get her own pack, made enemies and friends, finally get a love life, and save the world.  At the end of this book, though it took long to get here, Carlson had revealed some information about Jessica that may lead to the end game you’re hoping for.  Like you, I’m intrigued to see where Carlson will take Jessica next.

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. i don’t know i just expected this book to be more….i think it was longer than it needed to be almost as if it could’ve been a novella between books…

  2. I have been following this series via audiobook and while I loved books 1 & 2, by 3 I was getting a bit tired of what seemed like non-stop action. I know that sounds strange, but the first 3 books covered, what, a 3 week time frame at most. How exactly is the character supposed to have any real emotional growth in that small amount of time. There isn’t even any time off between books. That is one of the big problems about cliffhanger books. You have to jump right into where you left off. I will probably get to book 4, but I am going to wait a bit and see how book 5 looks first. Honestly, I don’t want to invest more time into a character that just keeps heading in the same direction.

    1. Hi Judy,

      You make a valid point and I can agree with. i felt the same while reading this also. The heroine definitely doesn’t struggle too hard to control her new powers and like you said, with such a short period of time between books, it makes you wonder how much growth can really happy. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!