ARC Review: Reckless Girls by Rachel Hawkins
Reckless Girls
Book Info

Released: January 4th 2022
Genre: Thriller

“This book was so good, but super fucked up at the same time.”

~ Under the Covers

Reckless Girls was a hundred shades of WILD, y’all. This book was so good, but super fucked up at the same time.

The story is told from the first person POV of Lux in the present, and third person flashbacks from other characters central to the story. As always, I loved the multiple POVs and the non-linear timeline.

When Lux and her boyfriend, Nico, are approached by a couple of girls to charter a boat to an abandoned island, Meroe Island, and three day sail away, Lux sees it as her chance to finally get out of Hawaii and convince Nico it’s time to embark on their grand sailing adventure.

But not everything is as it seems with the two girls, Brittany and Amma, and when they arrive at the island to find a couple already anchored there, things only get weirder. And after one final arrival, what Lux thought was going to be a relaxing vacation on a deserted island turns deadly in a hurry.

This book was twisty. I absolutely loved getting to guess how each of these characters fit into the grand scheme of things, and how it would all end. Hawkins wove an incredibly clear story, where I could easily picture myself on the beaches, hacking my way through the jungle, or anchored in the cove of Meroe Island.

“…this island doesn’t twist people up. It just turns them into the purest version of themselves, hones them like a knife’s blade.”

While the story was full of secrets and lies, deceit and betrayal, with complicated relationships between each of the characters, I have to admit I was a little disappointed at how predictable it tended to be. I wasn’t surprised by any of the big reveals, and wish some things had been a bit better explained in the end.

That said, I really did enjoy this one. It was a quick read, keeping me hooked throughout. Reckless Girls gets a stamp of approval from me.

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