“Incredible diverse characters, funny banter, epic battles, wonderful writing – I thoroughly enjoyed this book.”

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Victoria Aveyard hit it out of the ballpark with this one. This book is masterfully done and is now my favorite of hers.

Realm Breaker opens up with Andrys’s point of view. He is a squire working for a Knight and is thrust in the middle of this epic opening battle. Cortael of Cor was thought to be the last of Spindleblood until Taristan reveals himself during the battle – both twins carrying a Spindleblade (able to kill immortals).

Taristan wants to conquer the Ward (their realm) by opening the Spindles (portals to other realms that would unleash horrific monsters and deady creatures). An unlikely team of misfits (my favorite) comes together to fight Taristan and to destroy the spindles before they can be opened.

The book goes through these six narrators:
Andrys Trelland: the Squire and witness of the devastating battle
Corayne An-Amarat: a daughter of a pirate and source of Spindleblood which makes her the only hope to save the realm
Domacridhan: an Elder (immortal), Cortael’s dear friend who wants to save the ward, grumpy and kind
Sorasa: an assassin, hired by Domacridhan, tough exterior but morals and kindness hidden on the inside
Erida: a young Queen and friend of Andrys
Valtik: a witch and insufferable riddler

The imagery is rich and unique in this book.

Arrows peppered the horde, the Sirandels felling the first wave like wheat before the scythe.

Or my favorite:

Tears pricked Andry’s eyes, “With me,” he whispered, his voice a flower dying in frost.

At times I almost found it superfluous but overall I think it matches and fits well with the book and its aim. While this poetic type of writing adds depth and richness it does force you to slow down and to process it – my point being that this is not a quick read.

I’m giving this book 5 stars because it truly exceeded my expectations and it felt so carefully constructed. I read so much that at times books become predictable but this book surprised me over and over again. My only criticism is that the romance was barely a whisper in this book, and while I enjoy a good slow burn, I feel like we could’ve been graced with a little more flavor of romance than what we got. At the same time we got SO much that I can overlook that aspect. I want to say so much more but I don’t want to spoil it! Incredible diverse characters, funny banter, epic battles, wonderful writing–I thoroughly enjoyed this book.


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