“With nods to the original Shakespeare play, Ramon and Julieta is an absolute treat.”

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Real estate mogul, Ramon Montez, has his eyes set on Barrio Logan. By buying the block in the Chicano neighborhood, he finally has the space to put his flagship Taco King store in the heart of a Hispanic neighborhood. What he didn’t count on was a successful restaurant on the block, headed by the mystery woman, Julieta, he met one fateful night. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s also talented. But when a surprise connection between their two families threatens to tear the pair apart, they must find a compromise to make sure the restaurant, and the block, survives.

What a way to kick off 2022 than this amazing book! With nods to the original Shakespeare play, Ramon and Julieta is an absolute treat. The way the author brings in the Hispanic culture and tradition made me feel like I was in Barrio Logan as I read. I really appreciated learning about a bit of Chicano history that I did not know about prior to this book. And the food…goodness! Do not read this book hungry!

Both main characters served up the sass and wit. Family traditions are extremely important for the pair, so when this brings the two at odds, it fairs for a steamy enemies to lovers romance.

Ramon wants to extend his family’s legacy, but has gotten away from the heart of his business, doing anything to save a dollar. Thinking of money more than progress, he struggles with work-life balance.

Julieta is the perfect heroine to shake his life up and make him see life differently. Taking pride in her accomplishments, Julieta has worked hard for her entire life to build the restaurant she is so desperate not to lose. She lives and breathes for her food and that passion rings true in every dish she serves. Taking nothing for granted, she infuses Ramon’s life with color and flavor.

Ramon and Julieta is an insta-love, slow burn romance with definite steam. I did feel that the pacing in the second half of the book was a tad quick for me. I wanted more of a build-up to their relationship after they finally gave into their desires. Like the original, the book also highlights class differences, however Ramon flaunted his money a little too much for my taste, but not enough to knock it down a star.

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