“It [QUID PRO QUO] was full of lust, sensuality, and eroticism.  Voinov and Witt do not disappoint” ~Under the Covers

Holy Goodness – talk about hot, hot, HOT!!!!  Quid Pro Quo is a very short novella that left me hot and bothered, satisfied, and then wanting some more!  Yes, I am a greedy bitch like that!  😉

In Quid Pro Quo, we find two rent boys, Jared and Tristan, talking about the slowness of the holiday season at their upscale sex-selling club in London, the Market Garden.  Jared is worried about making his rent, but finds himself happy not to be working just so he can spend more time with Tristan, one of the club’s most sought after boys, who he has had a crush on for months.  Well, as luck would have it, a john approaches them and asks what’ll cost to have them both together.  Negotiations are made, and so the night begins.

Seriously, while this novella is basically one long sex scene, it is hot, engaging, and wholly erotic.  There is a build up of the most sensual kind.  The john who has hired them is very well off, if the thickness of his wallet, his Jaguar, and his hotel suite have anything to say for it.  Yet, a business man is always a business man, and so he is not willing to pay upfront what Tristan had suggested for his and Jared’s services.  Instead, he takes them for a test drive, likes what he sees, and then steadily throws more money (quid) on the table as he requests the boys to escalate their performance.  At the same time that Tristan and Jared’s kisses, heavy petting, and lustfulness are obviously getting the john quite hot and excited, they are having the same, if not stronger, effect on Jared.  And, much to Jared’s pleasure, it seems that the same could be true for Tristan as well.

I loved the build up and progression of this amazing sex scene/novella.  It was full of lust, sensuality, and eroticism, and even though it was a short story, I was left very fulfilled with how it ended…for now.  😉  This wasn’t a story of sex just for the sake of sex.  It was a story of sex, but there was so much more to it than that.  I liked how the john never gave his name…it wasn’t important.  The story is about Jared and Tristan, and them possibly having a mutual attraction for the other outside of their work.  It was about the sensuality shared between these boys, and the possibility that there could be more.  Voinov and Witt do not disappoint in executing such an amazing novella, and I hope that they will bring us more of Jared and Tristan, STAT!

*ARC provided by publisher

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