PLAYING THE PART is smart, funny and charming – if this were a real man, I’d want to marry him. ~ Under the Covers

Last month, I discovered Robin Covington and her witty, sexy and smart writing. I wondered if all her books were that well-written and after having read PLAYING THE PART, I can tell that this level of writing doesn’t come naturally to many authors, let alone Contemporary Romance authors.

Covington has that voice perfect for Contemporary Romance. PLAYING THE PART is smart, funny and charming – if this were a real man, I’d want to marry him. Bestselling romance writer Piper James almost had a career ruining breakup that went public. Her publisher almost dropped her because of all the bad publicity, but since then Piper has tried to write something that will save her career. Her latest novel is about to be on the big screen but a problem arises regarding the main lead and Hollywood stud, Mick Blackwell. Mick isn’t nailing the part. Something is off and the director wants Piper to work with Mick on getting the character down. This puts them together in close proximity and Piper knows that being anywhere near  Mick will lead to trouble.

They agree to have an affair. Something with no strings attached, just some fun. But soon, they find that their emotions are getting involved and cutting each other off gets harder and harder as they fall deeper in love. Perhaps the best thing about this book is the dialogue. Mick and Piper’s chemistry leaps off the pages whenever they are together. I loved the banter between the two. Right from the get go, readers are thrown into their crazy world and the fun never stops. Despite the fact that Piper has been burned in the past, she has put that behind her. She may be a little more cautious, but she isn’t shy sexually. Mick brings that out from her and together, they are explosive. Mick is a smooth talker and the smart Piper knows just how to handle him, making them a perfect pair. One thing I particularly love is the fact that the cover features a biracial hero.

It perfectly fits Mick to a tee! As the first biracial big action movie star in the story, I think it’s wonderful to see a perfect rendition on the cover as well. In terms of the sex, I can tell you that there is no shortage of sexiness in this book. This book burns flaming hot! How can you expect any less from Covington? For a fun, sexy summer read, I would recommend this one to Contemporary Romance fans!

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