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“If you’re looking for a hot read, Bailey never fails to serve readers that.” ~ Under the Covers

OWNED BY FATE is Tessa Bailey’s take on BDSM and it is also the first of a brand new series. It begins with Journalist Caroline Preston who enters a BDSM club called Serve. She goes in with a lot of preconceived notions about the place and has already decided that she hates it before stepping a foot in it. Because of this, I definitely had a hard time liking her from the beginning. She comes across as too judgemental and it didn’t really allow for me to believe that she would let Jonah Briggs, the owner of the club do anything to her. Even as he wrings out orgasms out from her, she remains unrepentant. I also found it a little difficult to believe that the hero could stop his kinky side from coming through in the first encounter with her.

As with all of Bailey’s book, there’s quite a lot of dirty talk. Paired with Jonah’s dominant side and you’ve got a book that has a lot of sex in it, yet I would put it on the lighter side of BDSM. Jonah as a Dom didn’t really work for me. While he was dominant and alpha, I also think there’s a bit more to being a Dom than just that. He didn’t really leap from the pages for me and I found it difficult to get into the romance when Caroline was so unwilling at first and Jonah was so demanding. The dynamic between the two just didn’t resonate which may be why, for me, even the dirty talk didn’t seem that alluring this time around.

I feel like the stories from this author have come to follow a trend. As you know, I’m a great lover of alpha dirty talking heroes, but the heroine is just as important as well. In this case, I don’t think either of them really stood out to me. However, if you’re looking for a hot read, Bailey never fails to serve readers that.

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