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ARC Review: Out for Blood by Kristen Painter
Out for Blood
Book Info

Released: October 30, 2012
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: House of Comarré #4
Pages: 296



This has got to be my favorite book in this series!  It was the perfect blend between all the dark, gritty characters and storyline, action, suspense, love, loss and betrayal.  Truly a whirlwind of things that happened and that have been set up for the final episode in this series.

Chrysabelle is dealing with the repercussions of visiting the Aurelian, of having her signum redone using the Ring of Sorrows, which is now a part of her, and having Mal’s bad blood flowing through her veins.  It definitely made for a change in her character.  But she’s still feisty and fighting for herself this time.  Her mission is now to find her brother.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Mal was so amazing in this book.  His love for Chrysabelle showed through at all times, he’s got new powers to flaunt, new possibilities to maybe get rid of his curse, and whole lot of good humor.  He was playful and sexy and….fangy!  Yes, there’s a bite involved.  He gave me a small scare for just a bit and then Ms. Painter decided to torture us and there’s an unexpected turn of events at the end.

There were a lot of other storylines taking up quality space time which I found were great to move the story along.  I enjoyed the fact that we were not so focused on Tatiana and the different Houses this time around because there are new bad guys in town to watch out for.  And to be found in the most unlikely of places.  No I won’t tell you who or what, but they kept the story very interesting.

There are also some new developments with the characters we already love and care about, Fi and Doc have a lot going on.  Creek as well.

Overall, I think the author did a wonderful job with this book to keep things moving along, keep me interested even through the changes of POV and stories, and it all worked well.  But I have to give it to her that she’s finally given us more of Chrysabelle and Mal as a couple.  They are so perfect for each other!  And now after that ending, I’m just so anxious to get the next book ASAP!!!Favorite Quote:“You really do love me, don’t you?”
He answered without opening his eyes. “Enough that it frightens me, too.”

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