“…the eye rolling continued throughout most the book and I just didn’t connect with any of the characters.” ~ Under the Covers

Darby Carmichael works as a Physicians Assistant in the ER, a job she loves, and where she first met Patrick “Trick” Roth. The man she can’t get out of her head and can’t seem to stop her body responding to, the man who is painfully unattainable because he’s gay. Darby can’t help feeling drawn to him, despite his arrogant and rude demeanor and soon they end up friends, but things aren’t ever simple with Trick he has a dark past shrouded with secrecy and things aren’t quite as they appear.

I decided to pick up Only Trick as a way to slap myself out of my reading rut with something new; an author I hadn’t read before and with a blurb I normally just roll my eyes at and walk away. Sadly, this didn’t quite work out for me, unfortunately the eye rolling continued throughout most the book and I just didn’t connect with any of the characters, sadly my experiment with trying something new has crashed and burned.

Now, I know with some romance books you have to suspend your disbelief a little bit, something I am more than happy to do, but I found Only Trick to be slightly clumsy, especially at the beginning. How they met, it all seemed so unlikely and thrown together, it felt like the author was scrambling to get them in the same place so that the rest of the events could unfold. I also thought the book was overlong, this may be because I wasn’t very in to it and I admit at some points was reading it expressly to get to the end, rather than out of enjoyment.

Trick and Darby…I didn’t feel connected to either one of them, Trick especially, for me he never really raised himself out of the “dickhead” pit he dug himself into. Darby was okay, she had the ‘poor little rich girl daddy doesn’t love me’ thing going on and she had her moments of strength. And, Jewel E. Ann did do the sex scenes between them well, they were definitely packing heat and chemistry in the bedroom department.

Suffice to say I didn’t connect with this book, it felt too long and the characters either annoyed me or made me exercise my eye-rolling abilities.


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  1. K so I thought the cover was pretty hot and thn I read the cover quote and was like ummm…doesn’t really sound like my thing…thanks suzanne