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ARC Review: Only a Monster by Vanessa Len
Only a Monster
Book Info

Released: February 22 2022
Genre: Young Adult
Series: Monsters #1
Pages: 416

“I like that nothing about this book was easy.”

~ Under the Covers

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“The monster part of her sensed it as her mouth opened under his: a shift in the world, as though vast jagged pieces were knitting together.”

Only a Monster is YA contemporary fantasy with a dash of romance and sprinkle of dark fantasy.

Joan is a sixteen-year-old who lives with her family in London and works at the historic Holland House where she gets to embrace the nerdy side of her that loves history. She is a bit of an outcast and keeps to herself so when Nick – her hot co-worker she pined over all summer- asks her out on a date things are finally looking up.

The date sets up a series of events that spark the beginning of uncovering the secrets her family keeps and the monstrous world around her. By accidentally using her magic, she learns that her family are “monsters” with the power to steal time from others and use it to time travel. Nick turns out to be a monster slayer who is disgusted by monsters and their power that he correlates to death. The power that they take from humans shortens their lifespan. A confrontation with Nick and another rival monster family spurs a horrible tragedy that threatens her family.

Joan must work with the heir to a rival monster family to hide from Nick and to learn how to undo what has happened and save her family.

I like that nothing about this book was easy. The romance wasn’t easy and the magic isn’t easy. Nick’s vengeance isn’t easy because you can see why he wants to rid the world of monsters and how dangerous it would be to have people who can shorten your lifespan with just a touch but also it’s too extreme. Everything is complex; Joan’s relationship with her family and even her relationship with herself. The romance aspect was okay but I am shielding my ship until I know it won’t sink. Hopefully, we’ll get more in the next book. The British historical aspect of it was really well done and appealing. Overall a great read and I’m looking forward to the next release.

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About Vanessa Len

Vanessa Len is an Australian author of Chinese-Malaysian and Maltese heritage. An educational editor, she has worked on everything from language learning programs to STEM resources, to professional learning for teachers. Vanessa is a graduate of the Clarion Workshop in San Diego, and she lives in Melbourne.

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