What I really liked about One Good Earl Deserves a Lover was the heroine Pippa….she was like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory but with feelings and a sex drive.~ Under the Covers

Lady Philippa Marbury is not only the youngest Marbury sister, but also the oddest, much more interested in science and botany rather then balls and fashion she approaches her upcoming marriage the only way she can, logically. Research needs to be done, especially regarding the wedding night, and her evidence suggests that Cross, one of the owners of the gaming hell The Fallen Angel is the perfect research assistant. When Philippa Marbury casually asks Cross about ruination and copulation he can barely control his passion for the odd but brilliant Pippa. But Cross knows he doesn’t deserve someone as lovely and tempting as her no matter what his heart and body want.

Sarah Maclean has definitely become one of my favourite Historical Romance authors, from her debut book to this one, they have never failed in making making me smile and enjoying every word. They are light hearted and fun, with inviting and likable characters with titles that are invariably too long!

What I really liked about One Good Earl Deserves a Lover was the heroine Pippa, I love a blue stocking/plain Jane story and she definitely fulfills the bluestocking part, she was clever and bookish caring not at all for fashion and suitors. I loved watching her shock Cross when she would say something outrageous but logical especially regarding “coitus”; she was like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory but with feelings and a sex drive.

Although I really enjoyed this book I have found the heroes in Sarah Macleans book a little lacking, it seems she can write a spectacular heroine that leave the heroes in the dust. This didn’t exactly happen in this book, I did like Cross, but he was definitely outshone, it won’t be him I remember about One Good Earl Deserves a Lover. But that didn’t mean Pippa and Cross didn’t have chemistry, they had some witty and amusing banter that gradually heated up over the book as Pippa starts becoming more aware of her desires culminating in some passionate and sweet steamy scenes.

What people might find a little objectionable is that whilst Pippa and Cross are meeting up, Pippa is engaged to another man. Her betrothed is kind and generous and even though they are obviously not right for one another that was still one aspect of the story that bugged me a little even though it was essential to the plot and all’s well that ends well!

I thought this book was fantastic, a perfect combination of lighthearted fun and sweet romance and I can’t wait to find out more about the other two men that run The Fallen Angel, the mysterious Chase and the disgraced Duke!

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. Love the review :)) and I also loved the book 😀 her way of… always wanting to understand everything was endearing.

    I wonder what Chase has done… I am more curios about him then the Duke since he seems to be the sneaky type 😀

  2. I am 1/4 through “Every Good Earl Deserves a Lover” and it’s finally making sense! I think Ms. MacLean is a great writer but I was starting to lose patience with Pippa and how she related to the “aristo” at the beginning of the book. Cross is a little slow on the uptake, in my opinion, but maybe it will get better.

    Please count this as my comment for the giveaway. I really have a deep, malignant hatred for those B & D books. Alpha Male, YES! Domination, NO!

    I prefer Historical romance with all those virginal debs and rakish rogues–and no Beta males. Thank you for your giveaway.