“…it’s lyrical, poetic, and whimsical.”

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Evangeline Fox is in love with Luc—a boy her stepsister just announced is her betrothed. Evangeline is certain that Luc wouldn’t betray her and that he truly loves her so she believes he must have been cursed or bewitched. Growing up in her father’s curiosity shop has taught her about magic, hope, and to expect the unexpected. She sets off to pray to the one person who would understand her heartbreak and help her–Jacks the Prince of Hearts.

Jacks agrees to stop the wedding if Evangeline agrees to kiss three people of his choosing. She accepts the deal with Jack and therefore entwines her future with his; in hopes of rescuing her love, Luc. The Prince of Hearts is never selfless or without tricks up his sleeve and so begins Evangeline’s dance with the devil.

While you don’t have to read the Caraval series to dive into this story, I would say you wouldn’t understand Jacks as well unless you read them. OUABH takes place after Finale and there are cameos from Scarlett and Tella–which added a sweet, nostalgic feel to the book.

The style of OUABH is very similar to Caraval; it’s lyrical, poetic, and whimsical. This book is a mixture of Alice in Wonderland, where reality is hazy and the characters are very caricature-like, and over the top like The Great Gatsby. There are twists and turns and Garber has you constantly on edge wondering if Jacks is good or evil and if he will do the right thing for the right reasons. Evangaline was similar to Scarlett and Tella; she was sophisticated, tough but sweet, and obsessed with happy endings. The magic system and the Fates are similar to Carval but if you haven’t read it–it’s all laid out and explained.

I enjoyed the ride and the whiplash from turning directions so quickly and so many times. It wasn’t a complicated read and almost reads like a fable or a glossy fairytale. My only issue is I wanted so much more Jacks. I feel equally as confused by him as I was before reading the book. But maybe that’s the point? At the same time, I can appreciate that you never know what you’ll get with him or what his true intentions are nor do you ever know his end game.

This book would be a great read for someone who is looking for a break from books with extensive history and world-building but with the same aesthetic and romance as fantasy. OUABH is a lush, enchanting read.

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