“…this one is an excellent read and I highly recommend it!”

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Alia Dunn has finally gotten her big break- a chance to serve a show-runner for a series she pitched to the outdoor travel channel she works for about Utah’s national parks. The host chosen for her by the channel’s executives may not have been her first choice (or even her fourth or fifth choice), but it’s a chance for her to prove herself and honor her late apong, so Alia is ready to give it her all. Then Drew, the highly recommended location scout she hired, turns out to be the same guy that ghosted her weeks before after a seemingly perfect first date. Not to worry though, Alia is a professional and she intends to power through the shoot without letting their burning-hot chemistry phase her, but after long hours together in the desert fighting against the most unprofessional host ever, Alia may have to fully give in and trust Drew and the rest of her crew to help her turn the show around and save her apong’s tribute, before it’s too late.

I absolutely adored this story. I love to read a strong female protagonist and enjoyed seeing Alia fight against sexism in her workplace and finally win her chance to produce her own show (with the help of another female producer/mentor in her corner-love women who reach back and pull others up with them!). I also never had a strong desire to travel to Utah and see all the National Parks it has to offer, but after reading this book and spending so much of the past 18-months inside, I just might need to plan a trip. The concept for the show seemed to be a great one to me, and I loved the personal connection that kept Alia driven and focused to make the show happen and be the best it could be.

I also thought that Drew was a well-written love interest. He was gorgeous (of course) and talented, but I also loved that he was portrayed with excellent allyship – he stood up against their male co-host when sexist or other gross behaviors occurred. There were times that his allyship wasn’t as strong as it could be, like when he wanted to take a path of less resistance in dealing with the host. But when Alia explained to him why she wouldn’t allow this toxic male to get away with his current behavior, Drew came back and showed that he learned and absorbed what Alia said to him and then demonstrated that he had taken something away from their conversations in his actions that followed as well. And, you know, his bedroom skills didn’t seem to be lacking anything either ;).

Beyond the sparkling romance and the strong female protagonist, this one also had what I felt was some great mental health representation: characters acknowledged past experiences had impacted them and that they had sought therapy! Yay! It also really portrayed an excellent found family vibe between the crew; I always love when a group comes together and supports each other.

All in all, this one is an excellent read and I highly recommend it!

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