“I find that McGarry writes the perfect balance of good and bad boy.” ~ Under the Covers

As a big fan of Katie McGarry’s other series, I was thrilled to see that she was stepping away from that world for awhile to write a motorcycle series. I find that McGarry writes the perfect balance of good and bad boy; the heroes have that bad side that makes them alluring and mysterious but she also gives them qualities that make them sweet and endearing as well so I was curious to see how she would attempt that in a MC series.

When I first started reading the book, it took a little while to really get into the character’s mindset. Emily’s narration is quite fun and upbeat right before her world turns upside down. What I liked about her was that McGarry infuses some humor through her and with all the other twists and turns and the darkness that comes with the club, I think it was refreshing to see such a bright point in her character.

The same goes for Oz; he also took awhile to warm up to but I think it’s because so much if left in the shadows with his character. With Oz desperately wanting to be part of the club, Reign of Terror he gets swept up in the club politics as well as Emily whose unexpected visit turns into an extended stay with her relatives that she hardly even knows.

What I liked about their relationship is that there is that innocence that I look for when writing younger characters falling in love. Paired with the motorcycle backdrop, I think it makes for a very enchanting read. On the flipside though, NOWEHERE BUT HERE does read like a typical bad boy turned good romance where Oz is concerned. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing because I love the idea that love can transform people but if you’re looking for something that’s specifically mindblowing then you probably won’t find it here.

I will say that the book is still worth the read and I love that while there is some edgy scenes with the bikers that they aren’t fullblown assholes that you would rather burn than fall in love with.


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