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“NOTHING BETWEEN US is intensely emotional and brings the heat to a whole new level.” ~ Under the Covers

I always love a Roni Loren book but NOTHING BETWEEN US was A-Ma-Zing.  It’s probably one of my favorite books in this series, and that’s a tall order because I love every single one!  Roni Loren has such a talent for telling stories that it captivates me.  And this was an unexpected one.  I wanted to read Colby’s book but I wasn’t anxious for it.

We’ve met Colby throughout the series, and we always see him as the third, or the big bad Dom.  But there are so many layers to Colby to peel back in this book.  I love how complex he is and I’m so happy he gets exactly this HEA because it fills in all the spots he needs.  He needed this triad relationship, and he deserved to be happy.

I always feel that writing a permanent menage story can be tricky because you really have to feel a sense of connection between all three, but at the same time that same connection should be individual as well.  And I rarely see that done as well as Ms. Loren did in this book.  There is a thread that binds them together and the chemistry when they are together is off the charts.  But at the same time when it’s just two of them, it tugs at your heart just the same.  Excellent job!

Keats was Colby’s student years ago, and back then he was coming to terms with the fact that he was attracted to Colby.  Discovering this notion that he may be gay, experiencing the rejection and ridicule of his own father, and Colby’s rejection, was too much for Keats and he ran away.  Colby has always carried the guilt that Keats may be dead because of how he handled the situation, that maybe he could’ve done more for him.  So I especially loved the fact that this reunion happens, and that Keats gets a second chance to get the man he loves and idolizes.  And don’t confuse anything I just said with lack of strength.  Keats is total alpha male, he just melts for one man.

Then there’s Georgia.  She’s Colby’s neighbor, a writer, and a woman that’s been hurt by her past.  Her ex-boyfriend went psycho stalker on her and killed her sister and friend.  All because he was the only one that could have her.  While he’s in jail and she awaits going back for the trial, she’s been just hiding out inside of her house.  And spying on her neighbor’s sexcapades through her window.  Colby and Keats together are exactly what she needed to come out of her shell and accept who she is, what she likes.

NOTHING BETWEEN US is intensely emotional and brings the heat to a whole new level.  There are so many taboos broken and limits pushed.  And as a reader of erotic romance, I couldn’t ask for more!  Student/teacher relationships, voyeurism, exhibitionism, a triad, a sadist.  There were so many elements to this book that that go much deeper than the superficial or just sex.  Now don’t get me wrong, the sex is BEYOND hot.  But the storytelling is what will keep you wanting more of Roni Loren.

Are you still not reading this series?  You need to!

*ARC provided by publisher


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