“I’m really enjoying romantic comedies that have a paranormal twist to them recently, and Not Your Average Hot Guy fits right into that mold.”

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Callie just wants to show her mom that she can handle taking care of their family escape room business for the weekend and maybe search for some inspiration on what to do with her life. Luke needs to secure human souls in the next 48 hours or risk the wrath of his father, who just happens to be the Devil. When their paths collide after a Satanic cult steals a spell book from the escape room to summon Luke, this unlikely pair teams up to try to stop the world from ending. With the cult hot on their tails, Callie’s best friend and brother keeping secrets and the weight of Luke’s Father’s expectations on his shoulders, will they find a way to work together to stop the apocalypse?

I absolutely loved Callie’s character; I think she’ll really resonate with anyone who sees themselves as book smart, with a few close friends and family, just trying to find their place in this world. We journey with Callie while she rides the rollercoaster of determining whether or not she can trust Luke, and just how much of a role her innate “goodness” will play in finding her purpose and path in life. Even a demon raised in Hell like Luke can’t ignore how good just radiates from Callie and I really liked seeing his journey and evolution over the short 48 hour period this book covers. I’m excited a sequel has already been announced so I can revisit these characters again next year and see how they continue to evolve.

It’s also a theme with me that I’ll enjoy a book if it has fun side characters and this book did not disappoint. From Callie’s best friend and brother to Luke’s tutor to the family dog to some of the staples of Hell’s population, the supporting cast was colorful, well thought out and really added to the story in my opinion. In addition to the storyline of Luke and Callie’s connection, it was clear how much many of these characters cared about each other, and it was a good grounded, relational element to bring into a story with so much fantasy at play.

I’m definitely not an expert on the occult or other hell-based classic, but the book definitely seemed well research and will informed to me; I feel like I learned some things about different lore and stories!

I’m finding that I’m really enjoying romantic comedies that have a paranormal twist to them recently, and Not Your Average Hot Guy fits right into that mold. If you’re willing to suspend your belief in the “normal” world for a few hours, I think you’ll find enjoyment within these pages.

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