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Not That Easy made me laugh and cringe with awkwardness in equal measure. And I couldn’t get enough of it.”
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Ellie has moved on since her virgin days and is more living in London with her friends, her new mission is just refining on her previous one, now she has popped her cherry, she wants to keep having sex and gain experience. But more importantly she wants to experience an orgasm, with someone rather than alone. But, nothing in Ellie’s life is ever simple, and the road to self discovery (and orgasms) is strewn with bad internet dates, a difficult boss and family guilt.

Why can’t I get this disgustingly jovial grin off my face? Honestly, every time I think about Not That Easy I can’t wipe this stupid smile off my face, it just makes me happy. Much like Virgin, the first book in this series, Not That Easy made me laugh and cringe with awkwardness in equal measure. And I couldn’t get enough of it.

I don’t really read Chick Lit, in fact this series is the first one I have picked up in years, although I wouldn’t quite call it Chick Lit either, it’s quite hard to define, it’s like Bridget Jones Diary for the next generation, only there’s no real HEA as of yet. So, it isn’t necessarily the romance or even promise of romance that made me pick up this book, no it was entirely down to the heroine Ellie.

I adored Ellie, she is every insecurity and absurd thought you have ever had taken human form and then packed off to London to make her fortune. This makes for hilarious reading, but also allows you to identify and emphasise with the heroine, even when she makes some really selfish mistakes you still can’t help but be on her side a little.

I really recommend you give Not That Easy a try, this whole series is really good and a little bit different to what we would normally review here on Under the Covers. After all it has no HEA and their is not a dashing hero in sight, and yet, it is a great tale full of friendship, laughter and all our modern day insecurities, I can’t wait to read more!


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