ARC Review: Nights Honor by Thea Harrison

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ARC Review: Nights Honor by Thea Harrison
Nights Honor
Book Info

Released: September 2nd 2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Elder Races #7
Pages: 250


“In the midst of all this [New Adult] hype, Thea brought me back to where my love for reading has begun. It was my attraction and love for paranormal novels.  And this particular vampire…swept me off my feet.” ~ Under the Covers

I am a sucker for romance, be it contemporary, suspense, fantasy and especially PNR but lately I have been reading more contemporary and new adult novels in general.  No specific reason, but mostly because there’s quite a few of them coming out.  In the midst of all this hype, Thea brought me back to where my love for reading has begun. It was my attraction and love for paranormal novels.  And this particular vampire…swept me off my feet.

Tess was caught in a web of success and money until she found out that the person she worked for is as crooked as can be. Unfortunately, she’d had to make some choices that put her out of a job and her life in danger.  Left with nowhere to go, she applied for a job for one of the most powerful Vampyre of the Nightkind Demesne, Xavier de Torro.

Like I said, Xavier swept me off my feet.  He was such romantic. He has the looks, dance moves, power, and known for his ruthlessness.  He has marked his place in the Nightkind Demsne as Julian’s right hand man, making him feared and respected. He didn’t advertise who he is, but I love that he wasn’t shy about it.  And he will use that to his advantage to save Tess.  He had the Knight in shining armor about him which I totally swooned over. *cues the eye rolling* I know I’m such a sap.  I can’t help it; he absolutely won me over with his very being.

Tess was okay.  She’s not my favorite heroine, but she came through in the end.  In the beginning, it was all about her survival.  Not that she was selfish, but her predicament left her closed off to anyone including Xavier.  Eventually, she got over her issues and earned the respect of her colleagues, Xavier, and me as a reader.  It helped that in the end, SHE was the Knight in Shining armor.

Julian and Xavier’s world was brought out in the open including their relations and world of politics but not nearly enough.  This book would be grander if was longer, IMO. I would’ve been okay with a little more Elder Races and Xavier page time.  The set up for Julian’s book was brief but had me wanting for more.  Julian’s character is a most anticipated read, and his book will be next.  Brace yourselves, Thea fans!

*ARC provided by publisher

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About Thea Harrison

I write paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and other stuff. I taught myself to read when I was four. That was around the time I tried to ride my tricycle to work. I wasn't sure where work was, but I knew it had to be interesting if people went there every day. Now I combine my love of books with work, and I don't have to ride my tricycle to get there. My Elder Races series began May, 2011. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook!


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