Elena Griffin and her friend, Sloan trespass on private property to go caving. As it is her first time doing this, Elena shows a lot of anxiety and stumbles her way through this adventure. It seems that her friend Sloan is overly excited about this trip because she pushes Elena almost to the point of exhaustion. It is only when they are deep within the cave that Sloan allows Elena to rest. But Sloan isn’t ready to slow down just yet. Leaving Elena alone to rest for awhile, Sloan explores on her own until the only thing keeping her from falling to her death rips out of the rock.

Panic infuses Elena from head –to-toe when she realizes that she and her friend are separated. As a newbie, she can’t recall the way they entered and she has little to no knowledge of how to get out of the cave. After wandering and getting injured, Elena is finally found by the Dark Kings.

One of the Dark Kings, Guy takes an immediate interest to her. Grant allows their romance to bloom at a believable pace. Naturally, Constantine is suspicious of Elena because she was trespassing on private property and the Dark Kings do have a big secret that must remain hidden from the world. However, Guy slowly comes to trust Elena. Enough that he wants to reveal what he truly is to her. It is up to Elena to decide how the rest of their fate will span out. Will she accept this other, darker side of Guy? Or shun him for the abomination he is?

Grant weaves an intricate and entertaining tale of dragons and love. I’ve been enjoying this series because I do love a good dragon story. Grant is able to introduce these dragons to heroines who are new to the supernatural world. They never knew dragons existed before this. And to find love at the same time is a daunting (but rewarding) experience. I like the way that Grant is able to write these romances without having the storyline feel generic or repetitive. I’ve read countless of books where a heroine is thrust into a new, supernatural world. But with Grant’s writing, I never feel like it’s forced or strained. It seems to flow naturally.

I’m eager to get my hands on DAWN’S DESIRE. Banan is going to fall SO HARD.


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