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It should come as no surprise that here I sit excited about a new series by L.H. Cosway.  But it’s especially exciting because 1 – it’s paranormal romance!  And 2 – this is a re-release of an old series that’s been on my TBR ever since I discovered Ms. Cosway. So how did NIGHTFALL stack up to my PNR expectations? It was a fun and fast read!

Our heroine has no idea that she is more than human until she’s thrusted into the supernatural world after an encounter with a vampire and her resistance to his mind control and compulsion. Slowly, she discovers more and more about other types of supernaturals and how she fits in with them because of her past. 

This is book 1 and it gives us the start of the world building and the romance.  I always love an L.H. Cosway hero and Ethan was certainly alluring. Even though he won’t dethrone any of my current top 5. Tegan is also a solid heroine. The romance is more of a slow burn on the background and NIGHTFALL does a pretty good job at establishing the world and everyone’s role in it while still giving us a hook with our main couple. 

While this won’t seem like the most unique paranormal concept and nothing was unpredictable, the writing and the characters definitely carry this story forward and kept me interested in what was going on. Also on the upcoming books in the series. We get a glimpse of supernatural hierarchy and kind of politics and I’m really looking forward to seeing this be explored more and hopefully bring some amazing conflicts later in the series.

Bring on book 2!

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