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“Wow…this book was just WOW with big jingly bells on.”
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Kit Colbana knows there will be trouble when her ex walks in to her offices and gives her a job she can’t refuse. If she does, the man she has fallen in love with Damon Lee, alpha of the Cat Clan will be executed. Why has he been killing members of the Assembly, could it have anything to do with her, has Kit’s nightmarish past finally caught up with her?

Wow…this book was just WOW with big jingly bells on. It has blown me away, if I loved Blade Song, the first book in the series, than I am practically humping Night BladeNight Blade was fast paced and exciting, full of action and some shockers, J.C. Daniels isn’t afraid to straight out knock you down with some of the events she wallops you with! Be warned the last few chapters of this book aren’t for the faint hearted, I was crying like a baby by the final page but was still left panting for more.

But it isn’t just the plot that I am becoming addicted to with the Colbana Files series it is the also the characters. Kit is definitely a new favourite character of mine, I love a good UF heroine, they are tough; they are sarcastic; they are socially awkward; they have a soft spot and they have excellent taste in sexy, dangerous men. Kit is no different and although I may be familiar with this type of heroine she is written really well; Night Blade has continued developing her character and I find I like her more and more.

And what book isn’t complete without a little bit of romance? Night Blade manages to add a hot injection of romance without slowing down the fast pace of the book. Damon and Kit’s relationship is just as fascinating as the actual plot and it manages to be sweet and sexy as hell all at once.

This book ended on one hell of an intriguing place, it was almost a cliffhanger and I will be pouncing on the next book as soon as I can, it is one of my favourite reads so far this year, so get on it!spacer



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  1. Thanks Suz for the great review! I’ve got both books on my tbr pile just need to find time to read them! Love your “…humping Night Blade” comment!