“…this was a nice ending to the series, everything was all wrapped up neat and tidy…” ~ Under the Covers

The most powerful man in Britain, Chase, the proprietor of the Fallen Angel is finally revealed….as a woman. Lady Georgiana has been leading a double life since she scandalised the ton by having a child out of wedlock, she runs the Angel as Chase but to the rest of society she is the disgraced Lady Georgiana, sister to a duke and mother to a bastard daughter. But it looks like her secrets may be revealed when newspaperman Duncan West enters her world. Handsome and charming Georgiana can’t help but be intrigued by Duncan, even when his knowledge of her threatens to spill all her secrets.

This is the final book in the Rules of Scoundrels series and it ends revealing the secret of Chase’s identity and I confess I never would have guessed, I love it when a book surprises you. However, although I did enjoy this book, and I enjoyed the closure of seeing the other couples from this series happy in matrimonial bliss, Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover is my least favourite in the series.

I believe the reason I didn’t like this book as much as the previous installments was I found the hero Duncan a little…bland. I liked him, but he never really sparked my interest, especially after the intensity and charisma of Temple, the hero in her previous book in the series, No Good Duke Goes Unpunished. Georgiana was intriguing, a woman who had been leading a double life, one identity, Chase, she is powerful and feared throughout London and with her other, as Georgiana she is ignored and ridiculed, which was an interesting contrast.

There was also a lot of internal monologue in this book from both characters, each trying to hold on to their secrets and almost revealing them, then thinking about it again, then almost revealing them, rinse and repeat. And although this did build some tension up between the characters, it also became tedious and repetitive; I was bored and dying for them to finally tell the truth by the end, just so I didn’t have to read about them debating it in their minds…yet again.

But this was a nice ending to the series, everything was all wrapped up neat and tidy and I enjoyed seeing the other characters we had met through the series. I am still a Sarah Maclean fan and will definitely be picking up whatever she chooses to write next.

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