“All of that drama made this quite fun not just sexy read.”

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Mythology but in the modern era. Hades and Persephone mixed with politics and celebrity type rulers. Persephone is being forced by her mother to marry Zeus, who is believed to have killed his previous three wives. So she flees the upper city and finds her way to the lower city, ruled by Hades. Originally one of the Thirteen, everyone believed him to be dead and a myth. She strikes a bargain with him that can work for both of them against Zeus.

There are a few aspects about this story to talk about. The first being the worldbuilding. I think this was the one that wasn’t fleshed out as much as I would’ve liked. I wanted to know a bit more about the structure of how things run, how they happen.  Overall, there’s enough there to give you an understanding that is enough for the purposes of this story, but I did find it interesting and would love to see it more developed.

Next up we have the romance. This being my second book by this author, I was expecting a lot of sexy times. As a long time reader of BDSM erotic romance, I also had certain expectations there. What stands out is that even though this was steamy, it wasn’t quite as much as I was expecting. Same thing goes for the BDSM element. I would say this is a bit on the tamer side but still with a nice steam. Both of our main leads are bisexual and we see them explore exhibitionism as well. I also did like that this book doesn’t immediately jump into sex, even though it’s quite insta lovey. There was a nice progression of the story and setting things up before it gets there.

Lastly, the side characters. I’m partial to talking about the adorable dogs but instead I’ve decided to mention one character that really intrigued me. Hermes. I’m very curious to know more and see an HEA coming up.

Katee Robert was able to take this mythology concept and twist it in a very modern way, incorporating also concepts that we are familiar with today along with the common elements we would expect from the mythology. Besides loving a Hades and Persephone retelling, I also love elements of politics and intrigue. All of that drama made this quite fun not just sexy read.

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