“Kade’s story was night and day what I thought we would get but it was so perfect FOR HIM.” ~Under the Covers

Oh my heart!  I’ve been a little in love with Kade for a while and I was anxious to see what the author would do with his book.  And you know when you are so invested in that particular character that you get a little scared?  Well, I was scared to read this and that it wouldn’t be what I anticipated.

And guess what?  It wasn’t.  And I say that in the BEST sense of that word.  Kade’s story was night and day what I thought we would get but it was so perfect FOR HIM.  Everything about him made sense.  I loved that this book brings back Kade’s first love.  And I absolutely loved how the author told the story.  It goes back and forth between present day and high school days and it slowly tells both stories.  The developing connection between Kade and Tessa now was explosive and intense.  But the connection they had as teenagers was just as powerful.  It was the perfect complement to the story!

But Kade and Tessa’s past wasn’t always roses and pretty pink bows.  This was a pretty heartbreaking story.  I did not expect this at all for Kade, the confident Dom that I’ve always drooled over.  Knowing where he came from and what he overcame only makes me see him as a stronger man and look up to him that much more.

I seem to repeat myself when it comes to talking about this series but every installment is either just as good or better than the last.It never disappoints!  Five books in and a few novellas and this series is still going as strong as ever!  If you’re not reading Roni Loren you must change that now.

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  1. Agreed! Kade’s story is beyond expectations and dives deeper than I anticipated, but it topped even the last book which I loved. thanks for sharing, Francesca.