“Hawtness overload!” ~Under the Covers

There are many reasons why I enjoy every book in this series, here are some of them:

  • There are cowboys….sorry stockmen.
  • They’re funny and sexy.
  • There’s a mix of Australians and Americans which makes for some really entertaining moments and some culture adjustment by the characters.
  • Did I mention the accent?
  • And in MISPLACED HANDS, there’s TWO of them.  Hawtness overload!

MISPLACED HANDS is the story of Andrew’s sister who goes to Australia and be a teacher for the amount of time she’s swapping houses.  Once she gets there she finds not one but two sexy men drooling all over her and trying to catch her attention.  Tomo and Blue (or Keith and Marc) work for the station we first got to know in book one and two in the series, but they are the actual working type cowboys….errrr stockmen.  Poor Harper doesn’t know what hit her when they decide she’s the woman they want to share.  The whole point of this trip for Harper was to experience life and she checks her inhibitions at the … edge of the water?

I found this book to be, as the others, extremely sexy.  It had it’s funny and entertaining moments which again made this a very fast read.  I would’ve liked to see more of Australia and the station, but the romance was done well.

I think Harper still has issues to get over and Keith and Marc might just be what she needs to overcome them.

I’m not sure where the series will go from here but if they keep writing them, I’ll keep reading them.  And if you like cowboys and sexy men with accents who know how to please a woman, you should be reading them too!  So start at the beginning!

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. Oh man Francesca, this one has me drooling…the interview, the men, the books….now I will HAVE to read it. You see what you do to me? lol Thanks for the posts and sharing. Love me some yummy, sexy, smutty cowboys who like to play!