“…an intense and action packed start and some intense chemistry between the main couple…”

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Mile High with a Vampire is book 33 of the Argeneau series by Lynsay Sands and follows Jet Lassiter, a mortal pilot working for Argeneau Inc. and Quinn Peters, a newly turned immortal trying to navigate the new life she didn’t ask for. What neither of them expected was for the plane to crash in the mountains, seriously injuring the other four immortal passengers. It’s now up to Quinn to get Jet to safety before her fellow immortals give in to their bloodlust. Later they begin to believe that this wasn’t a mere accident, but an attempt on Quinn’s life.

Even though this is book 33 in the series, this can be read as a stand alone, however, I think having some familiarity with the Argeneau books does help when it comes to navigating the large cast of characters that are introduced. It became difficult to keep names and descriptions straight when it came to those around Quinn and Jet, and it’s obvious this is only the tip of the immortal iceberg.

The story starts strong with a plane crash and then a race against time for Quinn to get the mortal Jet to safety before the other seriously injured and bloodthirsty immortals can get to him and any other mortals that cross their path. Not to mention, the overwhelming attraction building between Jet and Quinn. After setting the action bar so high, the events that follow seemed to fall flat and pacing began to drag on. The promise of a big fight with the story’s antagonist was rushed and somewhat lackluster compared to the beginning.

This was an interesting take on vampire lore and biology that I hadn’t really come across before. Although, they are referred to as “immortals” rather than “vampires”. Something that Quinn, and the reader, are reminded of throughout the story. The romance between Quinn and Jet was very steamy at times, and were an evenly matched pair. It was refreshing to see the vampire/mortal romance where the vampire was a woman and the man, mortal. Definitely something fun to see after the usual male dominated vampire/mortal dynamic.

In conclusion, I am giving this title 3 ½ stars. While I found this to be a unique take on the vampire romance story, with an intense and action packed start and some intense chemistry between the main couple, the rest of the plot fell flat and it was difficult to keep up with all the characters and their relationships with Quinn and Jet. However, those seeking a steamy vampire romance with a little something different should give this book a try.

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