Possibly one of the best of the series, Grant really goes above and beyond herself to bring readers a satisfying end ~ Under the Covers

Donna Grant delivers in the latest installment of the Dark Warriors series. Everything that has been building up to this point finally reaches its precipice and Grant really makes this book shine. With tons of action and a sweet, but also scorching romance, readers will sure be thrilled by how this series is coming to an end.

Saffron, the Seer and heroine of the last book had a vision that brought Ramsey and Tara together. When it is said that Declan is looking for Tara once again, the Druid’s life is now in mortal danger. Ramsey goes to Dunnoth Tower to protect her. With the help of Arran and Charon, Ramsey is able to keep Declan from reaching the Tower by means of magic as a distraction, but with as powerful as Declan is, there is no way that a snowstorm will keep him far enough away from Tara.

Meanwhile, while in close proximity with one another, Tara and Ramsey soon become increasingly aware of each other. There is sexual tension in spades and Grant always does a great job of creating a believable romance between characters. Though Ian and Danielle may be my favorite of the series still, Ramsey and Tara are a very close second.

Grant packs lots of action into this one book. Everything really comes down to one action sequence and I think Grant really kept this book tightly-written and exciting. There really wasn’t a dull moment and with Ramsey as part Druid, it really made for a more interesting ride.

MIDNIGHT’S WARRIOR is a book not to be missed. Possibly one of the best of the series, Grant really goes above and beyond herself to bring readers a satisfying end to a great, exciting series.

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  1. I love reviews of books and authors I haven’t read. Thank you for a good detailed review of Midnight’s Warrior, it made me want to check out the series.

  2. I love this series. I’ve read her books and series and to me nobody writes a Hero like Donna Grant. Great review by the way.
    Carol L

  3. I am really excited about this. I have Midnight’s Master in mount TBR. Your review makes me think I need to dig in and get caught up!

  4. I’m not familiar with this series by Donna Grant but after reading UTC’s review, I’m going to start reading them!

  5. I love this review. I will definitely have to get this series. Must buy this series now 🙂
    thanks for sharing this post 🙂