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“It’s been a while since I’ve pulled an all-nighter reading a book, and MIDNIGHT CAPTIVE was one of those.” ~ Under the Covers

This has become one of my most anticipated romantic suspense series!  In times when I thought the genre just couldn’t pull me in as before and there wasn’t anything that stood out, Elle Kennedy has a talent for writing characters that pull you in no matter where the story goes.  Of course, it helps that the stories usually keep me flipping pages as fast as I can.

I first fell in love with Sean and Bailey in MIDNIGHT ACTION and have been impatiently waiting for their book because of their history and their bantering!  And let me just say they did not disappoint.  This book starts off with Sean made seem like the bad guy and Bailey wanting to go help save his ass from maybe going to jail.

Their fire continues to grow the more time they are stuck spending together and while they solve a predicament they are in.  But what I loved the most was the fact that as much as both of these characters are so kick ass, they both showed a softer side.  With their past, with their faults, and they both had enough courage to admit to those things and open up to the other.  They were just so perfect together!

My only complaint with this book was the lack of communication between Sean and his brother that kept him thinking he was in the wrong for pursuing his feelings for Bailey.  I think Sean would’ve been even more aggressive had that been off the table and with no misunderstandings.

It’s been a while since I’ve pulled an all-nighter reading a book, and MIDNIGHT CAPTIVE was one of those.  I started the book late one night and couldn’t put the book down no matter what my eyes thought about it.  The story kept me riveted with the fast paced storyline and the sizzling chemistry between Sean and Bailey was, as always, off the charts.  I can’t wait to see who’s next and where this series goes!  But I know one thing for certain, this is definitely not a series that will be dying down any time soon because it just continues to get better every time!


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  1. i haven’t pulled an all night read-a-thon in i don’t know how long…hoping this will be the one!